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Health Highlights: May 24, 2016

Adult Smoking Rate Has Largest Drop in More Than 20 Years: CDC 'Natural' Insect Repellants Lose Effect Quickly: Study NFL Tried to Influence Government Stud


Health Tip: Help Protect Your Vision

Get regular eye checkups


Health Tip: Have Headaches? Speak to Your Doctor

Learn as much as possible about your condition

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Higher Consumption of Potatoes May Increase Risk of Hypertension

Higher intake of potatoes and French fries may be associated with an increased risk of high blood pressure (hypertension) in adults.

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Thousands of Public Pools, Hot Tubs Closed Due to Serious Violations

Check inspection results and do your own inspections before swimming this summer.

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Ask Super Doctors – Dr. Jennifer Krejci, MD

How has the hair transplant procedure changed with the use of robotics?

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Ask Super Doctors – Dr. Marc R. Dean, MD

I suffer from chronic sinusitis, and medications haven't made much of a difference. I have been told I need sinus surgery, but I have heard horror stories and am hesitant to undergo the procedure-are there any other options?

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