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How do I nominate doctors for Super Doctors?

If you are a medical doctor (or an Oral Surgeon in select markets), visit We've added a new feature to the nomination page: You can now add comments to your nominations. To see a list of locations where nominations are being accepted, click here.

If you are a licensed medical professional, send an email to [email protected] with comments and suggestions on doctors we should consider for inclusion. These "informal nominations" carry no point value in our system, but will ensure that the doctors are placed in our candidate pool for further evaluation.

Can I nominate a doctor from another area?

Our nomination page at is designed to accept only in-area nominations. However, you may comment on and evaluate doctors from other states by clicking the "Comment on/Evaluate Doctors" tab on the dashboard of your home page (you must be registered and logged-in to see this tab). These comments and evaluations will be treated as "informal nominations" which carry no point value in our system, but will ensure that the doctors are placed in our candidate pool for further evaluation.

How can I add/update my photo on my profile page?

It's easy and you can do it yourself online at our companion site,

If you already have a photo, you can change it any time. If your profile page does not contain your photograph, then you must first upgrade to an Expanded Online Profile at

Once logged in, use the Profile Manager to add or change your photograph. The pixel size is 128x160 if you want to resize it, if not, the Profile Manager will resize your photograph for you.

How can I correct other information?

Information on your profile can be edited at Also, if you have not yet upgraded to an Expanded Online Profile, you can upgrade online and watch as your profile changes in real-time as you work in the Profile Manager.

Can a physician selected to the Super Doctors list be called a "Super Doctor"?

Super Doctors is a registered trademark and we take pains to make sure the term is used properly. A physician on our list is not a "Super Doctor." Rather, proper usage would be he or she "has been selected for inclusion on the Super Doctors ® 2010 list." Used properly, the term is not descriptive, comparative or self-aggrandizing (which in some states could raise ethical concerns). It is simply a verifiable fact and, as such, is protected speech.

Super Doctors is published as a special advertising section in various city and regional magazines. The editorial staff of these magazines are not involved in the list selection or creation of those sections.

To download a PDF of our usage guidelines, click here.

I've been selected to the Super Doctors list; do you have a press release template I can use to announce my selection?

Yes. Please download a PDF of our Super Doctors press release template here and download our Rising Stars press release template here

Tell me more about Expanded Online Profiles.

A Super Doctors Expanded Online Profile is available to all doctors listed on Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to post your blog links, video links, newsletters, white papers and more.

The profile content is fully search-engine optimized. The full content of your profile will be highly visible to all major online search engines, increasing both the search visibility and ranking of your profile, as well as your blog and any other Web link placed on your profile.

To order an Expanded Online Profile visit

How can I have my blog headlines appear on my profile page?

You can add this information to your profile using the Profile Manager on For this feature to work, you need to enter the URL for your blog's RSS or Atom feed.

I want to make sure we receive e-mail from Super Doctors.

We currently send e-mail with the following 'From' address: [email protected].

If you instruct your doctors or IT personnel to whitelist this address, you will receive our email.

What is Super Doctors?
Super Doctors Magazine

Super Doctors identifies top doctors as selected by their peers and the independent research of MSP Communications. Please note: Doctors cannot pay to be included on Super Doctors® listings nor are they paid to provide input.

Super Doctors is published online and also in print as a special advertising section in leading newspapers and city and regional magazines.

Click here for more details

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